Village Shop to Olde School (The Street)

Leaving the shop in the Newmarket direction you pass several Victorian brick cottages on your left, including Red House, set back from the road and once a butcher’s shop with a slaughter house behind it. On the right is the garage, whose adjoining house was a former pub called The Queen’s Head (closed in 1938). […]

Pound Green to Little Thurlow Green (Church Road and Broad Road)

Church Road runs east from Pound Green, beginning at the little ford. A narrow cul-de-sac on the left leads to Locks Cottages and the next two houses on the left, Rijay and Old School, were a Victorian school (built in 1873). Further along is a thatched cottage, the old ‘Town House’, a dwelling for the […]

Olde School to the Almshouses (Bradley Road)

The distinctive brick building opposite the end of Temple End Road is The Olde School. It was established in 1614 by Sir Stephen Soame (at one time Lord Mayor of London) as a free school for the sons of local farmers who were to be taught English, Latin and Ciphering (that is, arithmetic) and then […]

Olde School to Carlton (Temple End Road)

Temple End Road runs west from the junction by the Olde School. ‘Temple End’ is mentioned in Domesday (1086) and may conceivably refer to an earlier Roman temple; later on there may have been associations with the Knights Templar of the Crusades. At the end of the belt of fine trees on the right (which […]

River walk: Great Thurlow to Little Thurlow

The River Stour rises near Weston Colville, just a few miles from the Thurlows, and it runs for some 80 miles through picturesque Suffolk countryside till it reaches the estuary at Shotley opposite Harwich. You can walk the whole length of it and one section goes through the middle of the Thurlows.     Starting […]

Village Shop to Willow Hall (Wratting Road)

On the right just over the crossroads is the Estate Office (built as a village school in 1878). Further along are the school cottages built in 1882-3 and a former foundry in the cottage set back from the road. The last house on the right in this row is Hill House, with a distinctive rounded […]

Village Shop to Trundley Wood (Bury Road)

The big house on the corner opposite the Village Shop was until 1986 a pub called the Rose & Crown (which once had a slaughter-house behind it). The next house on the left is the elegant Wheatsheaf House (the old Manse, and also once a private school), while the cottage opposite, which is set back […]

Village Shop to Hunts Park (Withersfield Road)

he Village PO & Shop is in an old building which was once a general grocers and drapers. It is now very much a centre for the two villages and a natural starting-point for these walks. Turning right out of the shop, you see set back from the road on the corner the former Reading […]