Olde School to Carlton (Temple End Road)

Temple End Road runs west from the junction by the Olde School. ‘Temple End’ is mentioned in Domesday (1086) and may conceivably refer to an earlier Roman temple; later on there may have been associations with the Knights Templar of the Crusades.

At the end of the belt of fine trees on the right (which house a rookery) is a paddock and there is a mature black poplar in the NE corner (now a rare tree in East Anglia). Little owls often perch on the railings and posts around here. To the left is the track of a footpath leading across fields to Great Thurlow, where it emerges half way up the hill on the Withersfield Road.


The ditch that runs beside the road on the right after the paddock has a progression of wild flowers in spring: including celandine, primrose, cowslip and meadowsweet, and the hedge on the left is home to yellowhammers and, in summer, whitethroats.

The first building on the right round the corner is Low Farm and the last building on the left is Temple End Farm, where another footpath runs through the farmyard then across to the windmill in Great Thurlow at the top of the hill.


The road goes on to the parish boundary just short of the old airfield, with copses and woodlands on the left which include many wild plums and also specimens of the rare wayfaring tree, whose white flowers can be seen at the woodland edge in May.