Parish Councils

How do those of us in the villages represent our views and take action?


The Parish Councils represent the village with local authorities and other bodies.  They also organise some activities in the village, such as annual litter picks, cutting the grass at The Green and help to maintain the village website and Village Link magazine.

 The Parish Council advises the local authorities about planning applications, such as

  • Rural vision (the future of West Suffolk)
  • Building houses or house extensions
  • Change of use to housing land, e.g. the Goldings Farm plans, cutting trees,  Haverhill relief road

Decisions for Little Thurlow Parish Council are made monthly at meetings held at the village hall on the third Tuesday of every month (except August). Great Thurlow Parish Council meets about once every two months. Parishioners are always welcome to attend.  Each meeting has a public session where villagers may voice their opinions.  About fifty parishioners attended a Parish Council meeting when we were considering an application to build houses near the village school.

The largest items on which the Parish Councils spend money are establishing & maintaining the village website, the Village Link, cutting the grass at The Sports Club, including maintaining the play equipment.

You can join one of the Parish Councils by applying when a position becomes available

Great Thurlow

Little Thurlow

GTPC December 2022 Meeting

The GTPC December 22 meeting will take place on Monday 12th December at 7:30 p.m.
Great Thurlow Parish Council, Village Hall

Councillor vacancy

Do you have some time to help the village? A vacancy for a councillor has arisen on Little Thurlow Parish Council. For more details, visit the Little Thurlow Parish Council...
Little Thurlow Parish Council, Village

Parish Council Annual Meeting – Agenda

Tuesday 18th May, 7pm at Thurlow Village Hall, Click here for agenda
Little Thurlow Parish Council

Little Thurlow Parish Council Meeting – 27th April 2021

Click to download: Agenda for Virtual Meeting 27th April 202
Little Thurlow Parish Council, Village

Parish Council Zoom meeting

Little Thurlow Parish Council held another Zoom meeting on 20th October 2020 with DC P. Stevens in attendance for part of the meeting...
Little Thurlow Parish Council

Joint Annual Parish Meetings

Joint Parish Council Meetings