History of Little Bradley and the Thurlows

The history of Little Bradley is intertwined with that of the Thurlows. The first link below takes you to a document compiled by Wendy Barnes of Little Bradley, detailing the histories of the villages since the 11th Century.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the land-holding and social links between the Thurlows and Little Bradley were far more limited as can be seen from the remaining sections of the collection on Little Bradley.

A final essay on the Wimpresses references the Thurlow Road.

Wendy has compiled a comprehensive history of Little Bradley, from which the above essays are taken.  

Country Households

The Chronicles of Little Bradley

1,000 years across 1,000 acres

Illustrated and interesting stories of Houses, Families, Individuals, from c.950 to 1939


  • Joseph, the self-made millionaire
  • Alice, mother of the English book trade,
  • Emma, a working Wimpress
  • Richard, Domesday holder of dozens of Suffolk farms
  • The Greats and Littles, connections across boundaries

A PDF of Country Households will be available here shortly