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Little Thurlow Parish Council

Parish Council Zoom meeting

Little Thurlow Parish Council held another Zoom meeting on 20th October 2020 with DC P. Stevens in attendance for part of the meeting.

The position of Clerk is to be advertised more widely in an effort to attract a suitable candidate. Anyone interested should contact the Clerk for more information.

There are still some outstanding items with SCC which will be followed up. The issues regarding a broken fence on Pound Green and the kissing gate on the footpath beside the School have been attended to by Thurlow Estate. A planned road closure on Church Road for five days from 26th October was noted. Concerns regarding speeding traffic near the school are to be raised with Suffolk Police.

A grant of £1000.00 to the Village Hall was approved, to help towards the cost of installing fencing etc, as budgeted for. Next year’s budget will be discussed in detail at the November meeting.

Full draft Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the village website,

The date of the next meeting is 17th November 2020.

If you have any concerns about the post please contact the Parish Council at….