Rose Cottage

Alison Wetz was once at 137b Locks Cottage when interviewed but now lives at Rose Cottage. She and her two children, George and Hannah, have lived here for six months. Alison originated from Sussex and is a country person, having been brought up on a farm. She works as a process manager for “Ionica”, a telecommunications company, hoping to undercut British Telecom. Alison finds setting up the new company very exciting.

George is at Barnadiston Hall school where he plays rugby, cricket and tennis, and is learning the clarinet. Hannah is at Meadow School, Balsham; she loves French and drama and plays the piano.

At present Alison’s leisure time is spent going out with friends in Cambridge. She is hoping to take up sailing again. She says the positive aspects of living here are: the beautiful countryside; looking out of the window at chestnut trees in bloom; being within easy travelling distance of the children’s schools; plenty of space and a large garden; and peace.

Always having to drive ­ to school, work, shops, and to see friends ­ is the negative aspect. At the moment they have no local friends but Alison hopes this will change.