132 The Street

Rosemary and Michael Heyes live at 132 The Street, Lt. Thurlow. Rosemary is from Ireland and Michael is a Liverpudlian. They came here twenty years ago. Michael is a foreman-carpenter on the Thurlow Estate and Rosemary works part-time in the village shop.

Rosemary’s father spent eleven years here, most of the time living in one of the small cottages in The Square.

They enjoy playing bowls and like to travel.

They are happy to live in a quiet, safe environment, amongst a caring community. They have seen changes, one of them being the loss of the thatch on their very old house. Others are a roadway for car access into the house grounds next door, the redevelopment of Manor Farm buildings, extensions on houses, two houses made into one dwelling and lots of change-overs of tenants in estate houses.

The only negative aspect of the village is the lack of public transport.