Old School

Keith and Ella Ainsworth live at the Old School, Church Road, Lt. Thurlow. They moved here twenty-eight years ago when the Old School was converted into two dwellings. They have two sons, Carlton and Nicholas, who have now left the village.

Keith is a jeweller and Ella is a sales assistant working two or three days a week at a jewellers in Cambridge.

They both play carpet bowls in the village and enjoy cycling and gardening. They think Thurlow is a relaxing place to live with friendly people and beautiful countryside. They reckon it to be an ideal place to bring up children, with the small school in its perfect location surrounded by meadows. They regret the lack of public transport and don’t like the fences and conifers which have blocked their once open views. Ella particularly liked living opposite Sargent’s builders yard and misses the old characters she knew when she first moved in.