The Old Rectory

Fiona and Charles Brittain came to the Old Rectory eleven years ago with their family of seven children. Now only the two youngest live at home; both are preparing for A levels and although twins they are at different schools, Long Road Sixth Form College and St. Mary’s, both in Cambridge.

Fiona has enjoyed the drive to Dullingham station over the school years, watching the changing seasons. They both travel to London for work: Charles is a fund manager and Fiona works as a part-time organiser and guide at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Their main leisure pursuits are gardening and travel, and as a family they have made good use of the tennis courts at Gt. Thurlow. Fiona loves walking the dog across miles of meadows and fields. She feels very fortunate to be living in such a lovely area and says the peaceful setting makes up for all the commuting they have to do.