The Grange

Two years ago Lucy and Lewis Hvelin and their three and a half year old daughter Emily came from London to live at The Grange. Lucy has returned to her childhood home. They were very happy to get out of London to live in the country. Lewis was born in Guernsey.

Lucy is a key accounts manager selling promotional and business gifts, working from home. Lewis is a car dealer in London. Emily attends Barnardiston school and the pre-school group at Little Thurlow school.

The family enjoy walking their dogs Lotti and Molly, watching television and socializing with their friends and family. Lucy’s sisters come to stay in their old rooms, still the same from childhood. Her middle sister Jane is expecting a baby. Lewis enjoys playing golf.

They like the country life and fresh air which Thurlow provides and the friendly people (they have lots more friends here than when they lived in London). “The village shop and the garage are very useful.” A lot more young families are settling in Thurlow which is especially nice for Emily.

The volume of traffic has increased enormously since Lucy’s childhood. They find it very dangerous near the school, particularly near the one way system, when Emily is riding her bicycle beside Lucy.

Lucy feels there is a great lack of public transport for her mother and for elderly people. They feel that footpaths should be marked more clearly as they enjoy walking their dogs but don’t want to upset wildlife when doing so.