The Bungalow, Little Thurlow Hall

Tricia, Andrew, Charles and Poppy Simpson have lived at The Bungalow, Lt. Thurlow Hall for five months. Andrew and Patricia were born in Cardiff, Charles in Bangor and Poppy in Nottinghamshire.

Andrew is the stud groom for Mr. Vestey and runs the private stud. Tricia works from home as an upholsterer and soft furnisher. Charles attends Linton Village College and Poppy is at Parkway.

The whole family enjoys riding horses, Andrew also enjoys swimming, Tricia reading, Charles bird watching and Poppy reading and swimming.

They appreciate the peace and quiet of the village and feel lucky to have free access everywhere. “Everyone is friendly; it is a chocolate box village”, Tricia feels. School buses make life easy and there is some social life for the children at the youth club. The Hunt social life is very important to them all. Tricia also appreciates the friendliness of the new vicar.

Having to plan shopping carefully is the only negative aspect of life here.