The Almshouses

George Oughton came to Thurlow thirty two years ago when he purchased The Old Almshouses, which had been built by the Soames family in 1618 and which originally consisted of nine homes. They have not been over-restored and still have brick ├żoors and high white ceilings; four of the dwellings are now one long sitting room, with much evidence of what they once were.

A retired bank manager, George enjoys reading and is mainly interested in scientific books. He is also a keen gardener and likes living in the middle of a field (his description). As for changes in the wildlife, he noticed that last year there were lots of grasshoppers. His own garden provides an extremely good habitat for birds, wildflowers and insects. Frogs, newts and other aquatic life find sanctuary in his pond and are a great source of interest.

When he first arrived Little Thurlow Hall was rented out. He was treasurer of Thurlow Village Hall for several years.