Pound Green House

Carol Warden and Mick Erridge have lived at Pound Green House (the old police house) for the past fifteen months, and in the village for three years. Carol works as a key account manager for Royal Mail which entails “location independent working” (meaning she can work from home at times). Mick is a self employed landscape gardener, painter and decorator, small builder, car maintenance man and plumber. Carol was born in London but spent all her childhood in Sussex. Mick was born in Newmarket.

Carol and Mick enjoy walking (“there’s a wonderful variety of footpaths”) and bird watching. Carol is a lapsed tennis player.

The immediate access to the countryside, lovely views and circular walks and fantastic bird life are the main attractions of living in Thurlow. They also enjoy the friendly people, the quiet, the spectacle of the local hunt, easy commuting round East Anglia and the fact that the village pub is still here to enjoy.

Negative aspects are the traYc speed and noise, no mains gas, and the parking problems, particularly the danger around the school.

Changes they have noticed include an increase in traffic speed, but fewer large lorries going to Grampian Foods; and they are watching the development of Manor Farm yard.