Mill View

Richard Mackaness has lived at Mill View, The Street for one year. Born in Leicestershire, where his father was a farmer, Richard joined the army when he was eighteen. Most of his thirty five years service was spent in the Far East in Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. He also served time in Germany and Northern Ireland. When he retired in 1982 he became Chief Executive of the National Trainers Federation until 1995. Richard has a daughter working in London and a son who is also in the army, commanding his father’s old regiment the 9th/12th Lancers.

Now retired, Richard’s main love is horses. He spends much time riding, either in Thurlow or Somerton. His other interests are fishing, reading and gardening. Richard is also involved in work for the St. John’s Ambulance in Cambridge and is the treasurer of the MS Society, Newmarket branch. Richard feels very happy living in what he describes as a real village, within a friendly community.