Mill Cottage

Judy Buckley lives at Mill Cottage, Lt. Thurlow. She has been there thirteen years and says that although the house is secluded it is still within the village and she feels very safe living there. She was born in Stoke-on-Trent. Judy has found the village people friendly and supportive when the need has arisen. When she first came to Thurlow her children, two daughters and a son, were with her.

She is a voluntary worker for the riding for the disabled association. As County Chairman she does most work from home, but travels to Chippenham to instruct riders. Her hobbies are her horses and her very large garden.

The house is interesting, being an old mill, and Judy has found stone-age implements in the grounds.

Judy says the foxes are more domesticated and the plovers, which used to visit, no longer do so. It is now a more transient population here owing to the rented accommodation on short lease. A smaller proportion of the population work locally, with many people using the village just as a dormitory. Fewer people are seen walking in the village. There has been an increase in traffic and the barn development is taking place.