Little Thurlow Hall

Edmund and Anne Vestey live at Lt. Thurlow Hall. They came here ten years ago. Edmund first came to Gt. Thurlow Hall in 1943 when his father Ronald Vestey bought the estate with his mother and sisters. His son George now lives in Lt. Thurlow Hall.

Both Edmund and Anne take pleasure in all country sports and music. Anne particularly enjoys her garden, while Edmund enjoys pictures and wildlife. They like the peaceful village with its friendly people and say it is still essentially a rural village.

They have seen changes in farming with fewer animals now, and with oilseed rape and winter corn replacing spring crops. The large modern machines mean a reduction in farm workers.

From having a rector in Lt. Thurlow and a vicar in Gt. Thurlow there is now one rector to serve both Thurlows and eight other parishes in the new benefice. There’s more traffic, no village policeman and mains water has replaced the village pump, while mains electricity has arrived for all. Several new houses have been built and old ones restored.

They have noticed increased red tape from all do-gooders who are claiming to improve our way of life.