Holme Cottage

ohn Cook and Dorothy live at Holme Cottage, Lt. Thurlow Green. John has lived in the village all of his life, as did his parents and grandparents. Dorothy is from Dullingham, Cambs and describes herself as a housewife-housekeeper. Now John is retired he spends his time tending his large garden, while Dorothy likes reading.

John has seen great changes on The Green with many more houses and the loss of parish allotments. He remembers when there was no electricity or piped water. Living opposite the village pump he would have seen the men arriving daily for their two pails of water and he remembers it as a meeting place for both grown-ups and children. Years ago there was more wild life, especially rabbits and hares, and much less traffic on The Green road; Lt. Thurlow had its own grocery shop and post office, which was lost in the 60s.