Green Ginger

Green Ginger, Little Thurlow Green has been the home of Donna and Andrea Branchini and their son Jack for the past four and half years. Donna was born in Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A. and Andrea in Bologna, Italy.

Andrea works for an international horse shipping agency in Newmarket. Jack attends the Colourbox Montessori school in Newmarket.

Donna’s leisure activity is playing golf at Newmarket Golf Club.

Donna and Andrea both love the house and its location, feeling it is a good place to raise children.

The big trucks speeding up and down their small road are the most serious negative aspect of living here. They also worry about the dangers of the pond on the Green, particularly as there are several small children around.

The main change they have seen is the advent of the daily bus coming through the village to Haverhill.