Green Farm Barn

Green Farm Barn, The Green has been the home of Margaret Levin and Robert Sanderson for the past eight months. Margaret was born in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and Robert in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

Robert is the director of the Cambridge Corn Exchange and Margaret the marketing manager of the Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Both enjoy walking in Suffolk, gardening, going to concerts and the cinema. Margaret also enjoys horse-riding.

They both appreciate the living space, the countryside, peace and tranquillity Thurlow provides, and being eighteen miles away from work! There are beautiful views and “we can see the stars at night”. They also like the friendliness of everyone, and being able to walk across the fields to the barn dance at Lt. Bradley and to parties.

Negative aspects of living in Thurlow include (tongue-in-cheek): “Jolly dark in the winter”; not being able to have a take-away meal delivered; there being no cinema in Haverhill or Newmarket; and people driving thoughtlessly fast.