For the past twelve years Michael and Ann Hoare have lived at Cuylers, Little Thurlow. They feel sad that they only live here part-time as they have a ├żat in London from which they work. They hope to change this soon and plans are underway to build an oYce above the garage.

Michael trained as a barrister and is now a consultant lawyer to several small companies. Ann regards herself as a “Girl Friday”, as she is secretary, housewife and gardener.

They have three sons, and the youngest married Sophie Stanton, grand-daughter of the one time vicar of Thurlow, Revd. Barrington-Barnes. Their eldest son is minister in the largest Episcopal church in the USA. Ann frequently travels there because her daughter-in-law has M.E. She chooses to shop in the USA because “things are so much cheaper”.

The family are supporters of Ipswich Town football club. They are club members and take their grandchildren along. Walking, gardening and playing golf are their other leisure pursuits.

They are both very concerned about the quantity, speed and noise of traffic. Their house was built by the Frink family so they get visitors asking lots of questions about Elisabeth which they cannot answer. “Sadly, Elisabeth’s sculptures were removed before we came.” They are also very concerned about diminishing bird life in the village.