Corner Cottage

For the past six and a half years Corner Cottage has been the home of Conrad and Molly Hawkins and their three children, Louise, Hannah and Christy. Conrad was born in London but only lived there a few months before moving to SaVron Walden, then West Wickham, West Wratting and Kedington. Nearly all his life has been spent within 15 miles of Thurlow. Molly was born in Thaxted, Essex. All the children were born in Cambridge.

Conrad has had his own company in Haverhill for the past thirty years. He finds it easy to come home for lunch, time permitting. Molly helps with secretarial work from time to time, but has “dedicated her life to running the home”, which the family very much appreciate, says Conrad. Both the girls work in London, Louise living there now, Hannah still based at home. Christy is a student at Oxford University.

All the children were educated locally, first at Barnadiston and then at St. Mary’s in Cambridge for the girls, and “The Leys” for Christy.

Conrad’s leisure pursuits have centred round country sports for many years; he rode with the local hunt, and still enjoys all country sports. He has taken up rowing in Cambridge, was very keen on motor sports as a young man and has always had a sports car. Christy has followed his father and is particularly interested in Italian racing vehicles. Both girls were pony club enthusiasts and enjoyed ponies and horses until their late teens and early twenties. Molly is a very keen gardener and has a beautiful garden admired by many visitors. Reading is her other leisure pursuit.

The family all love the rural location and the close proximity to the countryside. Much wild life is attracted to their pond. They have counted 40 species of birds in the garden and at least 10 more þying over (e.g. Canada geese and swifts). The children all love returning to their home in the country.

They have always had animals around them. Conrad used to keep horses and sheep but now has two dogs and a variety of poultry. They are self-sufficient in eggs, geese and ducks; though it is a constant battle as to who eats the poultry, themselves or the fox. Some years ago Conrad and Molly went to the Hunt Ball all dressed up in pink coat and evening gown. Returning home after dancing and dining until 4 or 5 a.m. Conrad decided to feed the hens before going to bed. Dressed in a pink coat, with a dangling bow tie and at a slightly unsteady gait he went up the garden to the hen-run. Not a hen left, Charlie fox had killed the lot whilst they were tripping the light fantastic, which Conrad feels is poetic justice.