6 Broad Road

Joseph and Kathleen Binnion have lived at 6 Broad Road for the past eleven years. They have three adult children, a daughter and two sons. Joseph, their younger son, came to live with them in Thurlow at the age of seventeen. He finished his education in Cambridge before going on to Hull University and then Bristol to do an M.A. He now works as an accountant in London.

Kath has just retired from her job with Provincial Insurance and Joe works as a concrete pump operator in Epping. After working for many years in the north west, he was approached by the firm in Epping. The London area could not provide them with comparable housing for money so they came to Thurlow, where they found good housing at a reasonable price.

Kath and Joe were both born in Liverpool. Their hobbies are reading and gardening. As he works irregular hours, Joe has no time for any hobbies other than gardening. Kath likes to visit her children and loves travelling abroad.

They both enjoy the peace and quiet of living in Thurlow and the beautiful views from every side of their house.

They feel the distance of travelling to work and shops is a disadvantage. Kath is concerned about reaching an age when they are no longer able to drive, when there is so little alternative transport.

Several extensions to houses and new houses are the changes they have seen.