4 Broad Road

Jo and Chris Field have lived at 4 Broad Road, Lt. Thurlow Green for four years. Jo works as a clerical assistant at a saddlers in Newmarket and Chris as a plant operator in Waterbeach. They have their own composting and recycling facility at Waterbeach. Jo was born in Bishops Stortford and Chris in Hallingbury near Bishops Stortford.

Jo’s hobby is horse riding and she keeps her horse at Lt. Bradley. Chris is the groundsman for Thurlow Cricket ground and also walks the dog.

They both appreciate the surrounding countryside, the peace and quiet, and the friendly people in the village. The amenities are also good ­ school, pub and village shop.

Both dislike the heavy traffic on the village road and Broad Road being used as a “cut through” during the week; they also notice the lack of public transport. They feel there has been an increase in traffic in the past four years.