121 The Street

Edith Baynes lives at 121 The Street, Lt. Thurlow. Born in Great Thurlow she has been at 121 for forty years. Her parents and grandparents lived here, and her grandfather, father and uncle had a harness and saddlery-making shop in what is now 123a.

She is a retired housemaid. During the war years she was a munitions worker at Letchworth, only returning to the village to look after her mother and father. In her retirement she likes to read, visit friends and knit for Oxfam charity shops. She also likes to clean brass.

Edith uses the village shop and mobile greengrocer, who calls once a week. Edie loves the area and regrets the loss of the daily bus service to London, leaving from Hale’s Corner, the closing of Hale’s shop (now Corner Cottage), also of the Post Office at Lt. Thurlow and the Red Lion public house at Lt. Thurlow Green. She says that she used to enjoy the organised bus outings to the seaside which no longer happen.