116f The Square

Jessica Rippengal and Nicky Milner have lived at 116f The Square, Lt. Thurlow since April 1 1998, although Jessica has known the village for four years as she helps with the hunt. Jessica was born in Stamford, Lincs., and Nicky, who is a farmer’s daughter, in Bridlington, Yorkshire.

For the past ten years Jessica has worked as a technician in the department of archaeology at the University of Cambridge, and Nicky is a PhD student of archaeology.

Jessica keeps a horse and hunts with the Thurlow hunt and in the West Country. They both enjoy walking the two dogs, watching the kingfisher and catching crayfish from the river. Jessica has an allotment and enjoys gardening.

Jessica and Nicky love the countryside and the clean river for exercising dogs. They find the people friendly and like being near the hunt kennels; they enjoy the sound of the hunt and the quiet of the village, but dislike the busy road and noisy lorries, which sometimes disturb them quite late at night.