115 The Street

Wendy and Robert McLean live at 115 The Street, with their daughter Lucy. They have only been here one year and the main change they have seen is the ground at the back of their house being returned to meadow-land. It used to be full of Charlie Fountain’s buildings: pig sties, rabbit hutches, chicken houses and so on.

Wendy goes to Colchester to prepare food and serve at the bar in a public house there. Robert is well known in the area as a disc jockey. Lucy is at Parkway Middle school, enjoys singing in the school choir, and likes cycling and horse riding.

The first love for the family is music, and they like eating out, picnics, swimming and walking.

They have been in the area five years and enjoy the quiet pretty village where everyone is friendly. There is a good community spirit and everyone joins in when events are held at the village school or hall. They appreciate the village shop being within walking distance.

They like the sounds of cockerels crowing and horses trotting by early in the morning. Wendy regrets that children can’t ride their bikes in the village owing to the volume of traffic and drivers ignoring the speed limit.