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Index of the Great and Little Thurlow CD Archive

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Section A / Thurlow Halls and Mansions

A1 Little Thurlow Mansion, built early 16th century Built by the original Sir Stephen Soame, Lord Mayor of London
A2 Little Thurlow Mansion, burnt down in 1809  
A3 Little Thurlow Hall, built in 1849 Rebuilt by Soame descendants
A4 Little Thurlow Hall  
A5 Little Thurlow Hall Sold to pay death duties
A6 Little Thurlow Hall Presently owned by Mr and Mrs Edmund Vestey
A7 Great Thurlow Hall  
Great Thurlow Hall, circa 1900

Section B / The Soame Family

B1 Sir Stephen Soame Died in 1619
B2 Sir Stephen Soame  
B3 Sir Stephen Soame, 1580-1639 Second son of Sir Stephen Soame married Elizabeth Playters and had 11 children
B4 Dame Elizabeth Soame, his wife Born 1598
B5 Sir Peter Soame, 1634-1697 Eldest son of Sir Stephen and Elizabeth
B6 Susanna Soame Wife of Sir Peter Soame and daughter of Ralph Freeman
B7 Sir Peter Soame, d.1789 Son of Sir Peter Soame and Susanna
B8 Reverend Henry Soame, 1734-1813 and his wife Susannah and their son Henry was the son of Stephen Soame, 1709-1764
B9 Catherine Maria Soame, d.1882 Eighth generation of the original Thomas Soame. Died unmarried
B10 Elizabeth Poole Soame, d.1889 Last member of the Soame family to live in Little Thurlow
Map of the village of Little Thurlow, 1735

Section C / The Olde School and Almshouses

C1 The Olde School, built 1614 Pictured in the late 1800’s
C2 The Olde School Commissioned by Sir Stephen Soame and endowed by him
C3 Soame Coat of Arms  
C4 Richard Pettett Day  
C5 Almshouses, Little Thurlow Commissoned by Sir Stephen Soame and endowed by him
The Olde School, Little Thurlow

Section D / Great Thurlow

D1 The Hunt outside The Rose and Crown  
D2 School Terrace  
D3 Church Road  
D4 Church Farm  
D5 All Saints Church, Great Thurlow At least 800 years old
D6 Interior, All Saints Church  
D7 Great Thurlow Hall  
D8 Hunt’s Park  
D9 Great Thurlow Vicarage  
D10 Myrtle Cottage Formerly known as Goldings Cottages
D11 Crown Hill  
D12 Hillhouse Lived in by the then Land Agent, Mr Boa, at the turn of the century
D13 Melton House Said to have been built for the Great Exhibition
D14 Pepper Hill  
D15 Reading Room on Dowsetts Hill Built W.H.Smith family, the clock is said to have been named after his wife Lady (H)Ester
D16 Windmill before restoration Owned by Elijah Dearsley in 1860
D17 Windmill after restoration  
D18 Crown Hill  
D19 Wheatsheaf Cottage Previously known as the Manse
D20 Cottages on the Street, Great Thurlow Now demolished
D21 Donkey cart on the Street outside the Hawthorns  
D22 Aerial view of site of present vicarage, Great Thurlow  
All Saints Church, Great Thurlow

Section E / Little Thurlow

E1 Little Thurlow Street  
E2 The Police House, Little Thurlow  
E3 Larkspur Cottage under restoration Formerly known as Thatchmeare
E4 Larkspur Cottage under restoration Home of the village bootmaker for many years
E5 Larkspur Cottage under restoration  
E6 Larkspur Cottage under restoration  
E7 Cottages in The Street Right hand cottages demolished
E8 The Almshouses Built to replace the Soame Almshouses
E9 The Almshouses under renovation  
E10 The Street, Little Thurlow  
E11 Thurlow Post Office, now Trudgetts  
E12 Lavender Cottage  
E13 Lavender Cottage  
E14 The Cock  
E15 Sadlers Cottage and Street Farm  
E16 Street Farm  
E17 Corner Cottage  
E18 Purkis’ Shop  
E19 Corner Cottage  
E20 Rose Cottage  
E21 Low Farm, Temple End ‘Temple’ may refer to the Knights Templar who had land in the villages
E22 Pound Green  
E23 Pound Green  
E24 Brookside, now Sargent House  
E25 Town House before restoration Built and endowed in 1695 by Josiah Houghton for the poor of the parish
E26 Town House after restoration  
E27 St Peter’s Church Built in the fourteenth century
E28 St Peter’s Church in the snow  
E29 Little Thurlow Rectory  
E30 The old bridge at Little Thurlow  
E31 The White Cottage, Broad Road  
Little Thurlow Green

Section F / Thurlow Schools

F1 Great Thurlow School  
F2 Little Thurlow School Built in 1873 to replace the Olde School
F3 Great Thurlow Group 2  
F4 Little Thurlow, 1896 Back Row: Martha Webb, X, Eliza and Mary Smith Third Row: X, X, X, Nell Lane Second Row: X,X,X, Fred Rowling, X, X, X, Laura Coote Front Row: Fred Webb,X, X, Emily Webb,X, Mary Rowling
F5 Little Thurlow, 1898 Middle row: Emily Webb, X,X,X, Eliza & Mary Smith
F6 Little Thurlow, 1903 Back row: X’s Third row: Mary Webb,X,X, Mary Rowling, X, Nell Webb Second row: X’s Front row: Monty Rowling, X, Albert Webb
F7 School children  
School children, 1925
Back row: Dorothy Martin, Ralph Sargent, Johnny Barrett 4th Row: Edie Baynes ,X, X, X 3rd Row: Violet Cotton, Molly Smith, Stella Rowling,Viv Atherton 2nd Row: Harry Adsett, X, Molly Barrett, Val Talbot, Harry Taylor Front Row: Bob Thomas, Alfie Thomas, Frank Pearman, Len Sargent

Section G / The Cock and The Red Lion, Little Thurlow

G1 The Cock  
G2 Customers at The Cock 1910  
G3 Customers at The Cock 1910  
G4 Customers at The Cock Brian Rooks, Michael Sparrow, George Smith, Albie Jeffreys, Stan Haines
G5 The Red Lion, Little Thurlow Green  
G6 The Red Lion , Little Thurlow Green  
Customers at The Red Lion

Section H / The Rose and Crown and The Queen’s Head, Great Thurlow

H1 Great Thurlow Street Baby in pram ­ Molly Choat (née Smith)
H2 The Queen’s Head, Great Thurlow Note the Smock Mill, extreme left, now demolished
H3 The Queen’s Head, Great Thurlow  
H4 Customers at The Queens Head Pat Alexander (seated), Clemmy Smith (left), Billy Mills (right)
H5 P.C. Hart outside The Queen’s Head P.C. Tom Hart, Albert Williams, Baden Sadler, Les Rising, Frank Haylock
H6 The Crown Inn Later known as The Rose and Crown
H7 The brewers at The Rose and Crown in 1890  
Customers at The Rose and Crown
Florrie Haylock, X, Ernie Smith, Clemmie Smith Albie Jeffrey, Fred Atherton, ? Fox Front row: Margaret Latham , Mrs Fox

Section I / Farming and Hunting

I1 The Hunt outside The Cock Will Woodward (Huntsman), Frank Woodward (Whipper-in)
I2 Sheep dipping George Smith (back view); the man in dungarees is Derek Davey; the man with the cap is Judda Jeffreys
I3 Estate workers Arthur Saprrow, George Boreham, Artie Barrett, Don Loveday
I4 The threshing machine George Atherton, Jack Beavis, Tom Smith, X
I5 Harvest Home  
I6 Clearing snow Frank Tracey, Fred Barrett, Leslie Atherton
I7 Taff Talbot  
I8 Leslie Atherton  
I9 The threshing machine and steam engine  
I10 Estate workers  
I11 The hunt  
I12 The first combines  
I13 Harvesting Wally Freestone
I14 Harvesting  
The sheep dip

Section J / Fun and Games

J1 The choir Back row: Dennis Kibble, Harold Rowlinson, Les Rowlinson, Orris Hayward, Herbert Arnold, Bob Rowling, Alec Sadler Middle row: Mrs Rutter, Charles Rutter, Maggie Rowling, Millie Gardiner, May Martin, Mrs Argent, Syd Rowlinson, Mrs Hills Front row: Miss Linacre, Rhoda Rowlinson, Ginnie Hayward, Delia Wright, Mr Kibble, Mrs Ryder, Misses Pryke (twins), Mona Rutter
J2 The British Legion Back row: Chris Cook, Viv Cook, Eileen Rooks, May Coote, Rene Rowlinson, Dora Fitch, Mrs Atherton, Isabel Sparrow Second Row: Mrs Bebbington, Muriel Wilkinson Front Row: Mrs Edge, Mrs Curven, Winnie Webb, Mrs Surridge, Rosie Lewington
J3 Pantomime X, Cherry Rising, X, Mrs Alexander, Mrs Garrard, X, Nurse Buck
J4 Thurlow WI, 1952 Chris Cook, Eileen Rooks, Isabel Sparrow, Mrs Gooch, Mrs Bebbington, Mary Clark, Mrs Curven, May Coote, Ivy Coote, Muriel Wickerson Centre stage: Pam Chorley and Winnie Webb
J5 More entertainment  
J6 Yet more entertainment Jean Frink, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Garrard, Mrs Wickerson, Nurse Buck, Mrs Alexander
J7 Women’s Football team Joan Smith, Rita Coote, Iris Eley, DoraSalter, Doreen Leatherland, Eileen Rooks, X, Thomas, Tony Smith. Front row: Jim Talbot, Kath Crooks, Ena Gridley, Belle Thomas, Lily Adsett, Derrick Eley
J8 A WI prize Mrs Adsett, Marjorie Argent, Dora Rowlinson,Ethel Barrett, Gussie Dowsett, X, Rene Sargent, X, Marjorie Parsonson Front row: Mrs Garrard, May Coote, Muriel Wickerson, Eileen Glasscock, Ethel Alexander, X, Cherry Rising
J9 A cup Frank Prior, Mr Martin, X, Arthur Vince, X, Malcolm Webb, Clemmy Smith Second row: X, X, Jim Barrett Front row: Herbert Arnold, Florrie Haylock Mrs Martin, X, X, Judda Jeffreys
J10 Thurlow United Football Club Back row: Tony Smith, Fred Atherton, X, Malcolm Webb, Den Atherton, X, Derek Coote, Jimmy Talbot Middle row: Derek Eley, Frank Talbot, Peter Atherton, Conrad Cornell Seated: Freddie Thomas, Chris Atherton
J11 The Bowls Club Bill Smith, Wally Freestone, Jim Bowers, Wally Fitch, Alex Sadler, Bill Mills, Jack Paxman, Malcolm Webb, Jim Downey Front row: Ted Milledge, Jack Atherton, David Mills, Brian Rooks, Michael Sparrow
J12 Women’s Football Team in fancy dress, 1953  
J13 An outing to Southend  
J14 British Legion Dinner Left: Ernie (Snap) Sparrow, Mrs Win Webb, Archie Mills Right: Isobel Sparrow, Harry (spider) Webb, Joan Mills
J15 The Silver Jubilee pram race  
J16 Silver Jubilee celebrations, 1977  
J17 Cricket Team, 1953 Back row: Herbert Arnold, Ernie Bailey, Dick Glasscock, Archie Mills, Derrick Eley, Ossie Felton, Eric Bailey,John Martin, Leslie Webb, Fred Sargent, Fred Webb, Michael Rowling, Jack Webb, Harold Rowlinson Middle row: Sid Chapman, Colin Rowlinson, Albert Williams, Mr Bartholemew, Mr Vestey, Rev Barrington Barnes, Alex Sadler, Roy Bumpstead, Malcom Webb Front row: Peter Atherton, David Tulloch, Horace Mayes, Frankie Talbot
J18 Thurlow Football Club George Fisher, Frank Haylock, Peter Atherton, Anthony Coote, Frank Talbot, John Martin, Roy Bumpstead, , Jim Talbot, Tony Smith Front Row: Arthur Cross, Jack Atherton, Ron Field, Derrick Eley, Cyril Turner, Sid Mayes Jim Barrett
J19 Thurlow Football Club Back row:Herbert Arnold, Roy Bumpstead, Dumpy Rowlinson, Vic Clark, Vic Morley, Jim Dearsley, Judda Jeffreys Middle row: BobJeffrey, Len Choat, Joe Smith, Jim Fitch, Johnnie Barrett, Dennie Hayward, Jimmy Tulloch Front Row: Ron Turner, Harry Adsett
A charabanc trip to the seaside, 1921

Section K / Thurlow Families

K1 The Wallises and the Webbs at Green Farm Barn, 1926  
K2 The Webbs Iris, Muriel, Christine Leonard and Frederick Webb
K3 The Rowlinson Family Harold, Dora, Joyce, Colin, Les, Cicely, Doris, Jack, Sid, Rene, Mrs and Mr Rowlinson snr, Rhoda (with baby Jennifer) and Joe, Barbara, Bernard Smith, Ann Rowlinson
K4 Leslie Atherton and others  Leslie Atherton, Bill Eley, Joe Smith, Charlie Fountain
K5 The Burton Family  
K6 The Haylocks  
K7 Harry Eley  
K8 Bob Rowling ,Orriss Hayward and others  
K9 Eliza and Dick Sargent with Fred  
K10 Edie Baynes and others  
K11 Mrs and Mrs Pat Alexander  
K12 Miss Elizabeth Webb  
K13 Millie Talbot  
K14 Thurlow friends George Brooker, Harry Webb, Len Webb, Sid le Frank Winnie Webb, Doris Smith, Alf Brooker Roy Smith
K15 Gert and Fred Atherton and family, 1969 On their Golden Wedding in 1969, with children and grandchildren
Gert and Fred Atherton and family, 1946
With their 15 children at Great Thurlow, opposite the Church, ca. 1946

Section L / The Pageant

L1 The Pageant Joyce Smith, Yvonne Steed, Fred Last, Mabel Eley, Eileen Grimwood, Dennie Houchen, Jimmy Talbot, John Rowling
L2 The Pageant Front row: X, X, Miriam Senior, ? Houchen, Jimmie Talbot, Fred Last, John Rowling, Dennis Houchen, X Second row: X, Betty Brown, Mabel Eley, Margaret (Sue) Ryder, X Third row: X, X, X, X, Grace Gurteen
L3 The Pageant  
L4 The Pageant  
L5 The Pageant  
L6 The Pageant  
L7 The Pageant Captain Frink
L8 Almsfolk Michael Ryder, John Smith*, S. Fitch, Felton, Wright, Cornell*, M. Alexander, Adsett, Cornell* * lived in the old almshouses at the time
Empire Day Celebrations, 1937
Edie Baynes, Val Talbot, Kath Atherton, Betty ?, Peg Argent, Helen Morley, Molly Cook, Doris Hart Middle row: Lily Eley, Joan Talbot, Edie Barrett, Ida Atherton, Lionel French, Frank Talbot, Gwen Roberts, Phyllis Mills, Joan Last, Molly Smith Front row: Isabel Talbot, Rosabelle Tulloch

Section M / Sunday Best

M1 Thurlow Brownies and Guides Back Row: X, Peg Argent, Ella Taylor, X, Ethel Hayward, Dora Rowlinson, X, X, X Middle row: Hilda Jeffrey, Olive Smith, Peg Webb, Win Webb, X, Lil Felton, Win Adsett, May Chapman, X Front row: Val Talbot, Brenda Chapman, Hilda Taylor, Edie Baynes, Daphne Hayward, Rhoda Rowlinson, X, Alice Adsett
M2 Mr and Mrs Haylock  
M3 Thurlow Youngsters Back row: X, X, X, Fred Smith (weaver), X, Bob Rowling, X, Jack Barrett, Leslie Hayward 3rd row: Ella Taylor, X, Dora Thomas, Dora Wright, Winnie Webb, X, May Chapman, Olive Smith, Peg Webb, Rhoda Rowlinson 2nd row: X, X, X, X, X, Win Adsett, X, X, Doris Mayes Front row: Les Rowlinson, Len Webb, Francis Hayward, Harry Pearman, Ralph Sargent, X, X, Harold Cornell
M4 Photographs taken by the Sargent family of friends and family in the early 1900s  
M5 photo  
M6 photo  
M7 photo Mr and Mrs Tom Smith (Blacksmith) used to live at Driftside. Twin daughters: left ­ became Mrs Bruce, right ­ became Mrs Dick Sargent
M8 photo  
M9 photo  
M10 photo  
Queen Victoria’s Jubilee

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