The Thurlows

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Historical photographs of the Thurlows

This collection of historic photos is organised into the following sections:

A. Thurlow Halls and Mansions
B. The Soame family
C. The Olde School and Almshouses
D. Great Thurlow
E. Little Thurlow
F. Thurlow Schools
G. The Cock and The Red Lion, Little Thurlow
H. The Rose and Crown and The Queen’s Head, Great Thurlow
I. Farming and Hunting
J. Fun and Games
K. Thurlow Families
L. The Pageant
M. Sunday Best

View the Index of the Great and Little Thurlow CD Archive for access to the full collection of photographs.

The photos (at higher resolution) are collected on a set of two CDs and there are versions for both PC and Mac users. There is an accompanying catalogue with detailed descriptions of the subjects and the people in the photographs, where those are known. The price for the set of two CDs and the catalogue together is £15.

All publications (with the exception of Little Thurlow 2000) are available from Molly Hawkins, Tel: 01440 783259, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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