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Minutes Nov 14 2018

Minutes of Meeting of Great Thurlow Council held on Nov 14th 2018 at Thurlow Village Hall.



Apologies - were received from George Vestey and Naomi Sharrod

Present- Peter Thomas, Conrad Hawkins, Stan Cook, Rod Pass, Jane Sheppard. Allan Loveday (Sports Committee), Alison and Tim (Village Link) Diana Allin (Clerk) Cllr Jane Midwood.

Minutes- of the previous meeting, having been previously distributed, were agreed and signed the by Chair.

Declarations There were no declarations of interest.

Matters Arising-

  1. On-going issue with drains in village, some clearing done on Oct 24th.Health and Safety issue on pavements around blocked drains need to escalate with SCC.
  2. November 11th Committee thanked for all hard work for commemorations and lunch. Conrad reported shortfall in monies of £413.58 due to extra staff. Stan proposed and Jane seconded that the PC pay half of this. All agreed.

Finance and Clerks report-

  1. Bank balance at 17/10/18 £5,688.97 current account and £2,347.91 on deposit. These figures were verified by Chair. Balance including reconciled cheques now £4,018.56
  2. Cheques required for LTPC for half share of bench £214.66, printing costs for Nov 11th £23.0 and re issue of chq £337.59   total cheque £575. Cheque required for LTPC for £1106.79 for PC share of Commemorative Lunch . Cheque for £400 for Clerks part salary.
  3. Clerk suggested the need to look into Internet Banking; this would avoid situations with the lost cheque etc. Clerk to bring information to next meeting.
  4. Precept for 2019-2020 was discussed.

The Councillors took into consideration the support they wished to provide for:-

Fayre £400, Village Link £470, Playground resurface £850, Ground works and grass cutting £500, Poppy Appeal £100, Village Hall £1000 and Soames anniversary celebrations £500. Admin costs are £1800. To allow these donations the Parish Council agreed to set the precept application at £5,900.

  1. (v)There was a new Planning Application for works to fell trees at The Forge. The application to fell and trim trees at 89c Wratting Road had been passed.


  1. (vi) The Council considered a request from the Sports Committee to support the renewal of the shutter door. It was agreed to provide £250. It was also agreed to pay half costs of some top up bark for the playground, approx. £45.
  2. (vii)The Council agreed £1000 from the next year’s budget towards the replacement kitchen in the Village Hall.


  1. Tim and Alison presented accounts from the Village Link for councillors to view. It was agreed to pay £470 now as per previous years and to set aside £470 from next year’s budget. Alison and Tim are looking to set down from editorial duties on the VL. The PC thanked them for all their work to date.
  1. The telephone kiosk is card payment only. It is possible to make 999 calls without a card. Maybe needs sings to indicate this. Repairs are required to kiosk.
  1. Police Reports- There was no current report from the police.

Other reports-

Cllr Midwood advised that the Boundary Commission report was now available to view. She advised that an application to provide a water treatment plant and GT Wratting (on crossroads) had been submitted.

She advised that she would be retiring in May. She was thanked for all her work.

Allan advised he was looking into a different more permanent surface for the playground area, mulch made from tyre shredding. The cost would be £1720 and he asked if GTPC would contribute 50% of this cost. This was agreed in principle to set this aside for next year’s budget pending some further information.

Allan advised that plans were in line to replace the kitchen in the Village Hall. The council agreed £1000 in principle towards this project.

He thanked councillors who had attended Susan’s funeral service and advise that collections had raised £1129 for the Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge.

There were plans to celebrate the Quadricentenary of the death of Sir Stephen Soame - "Soame 400". The Council had been asked to support this with donation of £500. This was agreed in principle pending more information. Peter and Stan will be involved on sub- committee.

Potholes in Sowley Green were reported.

Date of next meeting January 9th 2019 at 8.00pm.

Meeting closed   9.30 pm


Great Thurlow Parish Council

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Vice Chairman - Conrad Hawkins - 01440 783259
Rod Pass - 01440 783610
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Naomi Watts - 01440 783214
Jane Sheppard - 01440 783209
Stan Cook 01440 783532


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