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Thurlow Fayre Produce Show 2017




The Produce & Craft Show is open to everyone visiting the fayre and we are particularly looking to encourage those of you who haven’t entered before!

Points are awarded for first, second and third place and the overall show winner will be presented with the ‘Archer Shield 2016’. 

The Margaret Ince Cup

Announcing the first year of the Margaret Ince Cup to be awarded for 

the best cheese scones entered in the 

Produce Show at Thurlow Fayre  (ladies only).

Please bring your entries to the Produce Show tent on Sunday 3rd September.

Good luck!!

Please make sure that entries are brought to the tent between 9am and 11.30am. Judging will take place from noon.

Entries for all categories are for both adults and children except where stated. Unless otherwise stated children’s entries will be judged in the following age groups:

up to 7yrs8 - 12 years, 13 - 16 years

Categories for entries:


4 runner beans

Longest runner bean

4 potatoes

4 onions

4 carrots

Longest carrot

4 beetroots

Heaviest marrow

2 courgettes

4 tomatoes

4 peppers or chillies of mixed or same colour

2 cucumbers

Most exotic fruit or vegetable


4 soft fruit (can be mixed or same fruit) (for example, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries etc)

4 apples

4 pears

4 mixed fruit


Bunch of tied herbs, minimum of 3 different varieties

4 roses

Vase of mixed flowers

Posy of flowers  - for children 12 and under only

Home Produce:

Jar of marmalade

Jar of stoned fruit jam or jelly

Jar of soft fruit jam or jelly

Jar of chutney or pickle

Jar of pickled vegetables

4 bread rolls

4 eggs

4 scones, plain or fruit - ladies only

4 cheese scones  - ladies only

Lemon drizzle cake - men only

4 decorated cupcakes - for children 12 and under only


A hand-knitted item

An item of hand-made jewellery

An piece of needlework ie cross-stitch / embroidery / tapestry

Work of art, any medium

Photograph taken of local area

Picture of any animal - for children 12 and under only

A hand-written decorated poem, maximum eight lines (can be original or copied) - to be judged on handwriting and decoration - for children 12 and under only

In addition we will have a children’s craft category to be completed during the Produce Show, details to follow!

Any questions please contact Alison Coffey (01440 783478) or Joanna Field (01440 783697)

Good luck to all!

All produce to be home-made or home-grown.



General Guidance:

1. Stage your exhibit in good time so you don’t have to rush and you will have time to consider all the Presentation hints shown below.

2. Read (and re-read!) the Show schedule. If in the Schedule you have to show 6 Raspberries or 4 Dahlias for example, make sure you have the correct number on display. If you show the wrong number you run the risk of having your exhibit disqualified. Sadly I speak from personal experience! You may find it helpful to take a couple of spares in case of any damage caused by taking them to the show.

3. Take the Schedule with you when you stage the exhibits so you can refer to it if necessary.

4. If you know the name of the variety, print it neatly on a small card.


1. Whether you are showing Fruit or Vegetables, show them on a clean plate.

2. Try to show equal quality and size exhibits – it is not necessarily the biggest that is the best.

3. Space the produce equally and symmetrically around the plate.

4. Sometimes, a level amount of clean sand on the plate shows off the exhibits to the best effect.

5. Position the exhibits on the plate so that all of them show their best “face” forward, hiding any small blemish at the back

6. Place the exhibit where you feel it is shown to the best advantage – as central as possible on the table and close to the front, and certainly not “hidden” behind a larger exhibit. DO NOT MOVE ANOTHER EXHIBIT TO PLACE YOUR OWN, MOVING AN ALREADY STAGED EXHIBIT BY SOMEONE ELSE IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SHOW MANAGER.

7. Ensure all the produce is clean of soil.

8. Remove any obvious damaged or discoloured foliage.

9. If stalks remain on say, Tomatoes, Courgettes, Peppers etc, try to get all the stalks cut to the same length and facing the same direction round the plate.

10. If showing flowers, separate the flower stalks in the vase so the flower heads do not touch each other or overlap.

11. Get all flower heads to face the front.

12. Where three vegetables or three flowers are requested, it is conventional to show them in a triangle shape, with one at the top and the other 2 lower and either side.

13. In the Flower section, remember the judge is judging the flowers only so neatly remove any buds.

You have taken the time to grow your exhibits, so show them to their best effect and enjoy the Show. Even if you don’t win, you will find you have enjoyed the experience of showing your very own produce – and there is always next year! So, come on and give it a go and the very best of luck.


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