The Thurlows

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So what do we know about these two small villages tucked away in the south west corner of Suffolk, within a few miles of the counties of Cambridgeshire and Essex? The two villages share the name of Thurlow: Great and Little Thurlow or, as they were once known, Thurlow Magna and Thurlow Parva. Interestingly, although their histories are inevitably closely linked, the villages have developed quite separate identities. Prosperity has swung from one village to the other during their long existence. They have always been part of big estates and as the fortunes and preferences of the estate owners have waxed and waned, so has the investment in the fabric of the villages. The result has been that both villages have survived largely intact with many historic buildings that tell their own stories.

The name Thurlow may have been spelt Tritlawe and may refer to a mound or assembly hill or famous tumulus. One can easily imagine this if one stands by the windmill in Great Thurlow on a clear day. You can see for miles in any direction, so maybe Thurlow was a good place for a meeting in ancient times.